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Our team consists of both a bio-energetic dentist Jessica and homeopath Alexander Anu.

We believe it is very important that our patient feels at ease , so we take all the time needed to establish a good diagnosis and to discuss it together with the patient.
Our specialism is in treating patients who are very anxious for dental treatment and we take the time to let our patients be who they are and that when they return home , they are  satisfied with their teeth and their experience.

We have our own practice in  Castelo de Vide and we also work in Vila Nova de Poiares and Gois . (= area of Coimbra).

Since we are in a beautiful area of Portugal it is of course also possible to combine the useful and the pleasant: to fly in or stay over for a dental / homeopathic treatment ( e.g. removal of amalgam fillings including detoxification  of mercury on a cell level) and to also have a lovely holiday at the same time (these areas are fantastic for walkers, nature lovers and many historical interests including relics from the Celtic and Roman culture).
There are different types of accommodation in the nearby area depending on your taste . At your request we can bring you in contact with the owners of some of these establishments.

We speak several languages ​​: Portuguese, Dutch , English, German and understand French.