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Dentist Jessica
Homeopath Alexander Anu

Curriculum Vitae:

Naam: Jessica Swartberg ,     geb: 06-08-1967

Nationality : Dutch, portugese license number 5248.

Study : Dentistry at the University of Groningen, The Netherlands .

Dutch experience:

Several private practices in general Dentistry .
Centers for Special Dentistry in Amsterdam and Rotterdam . (Where I was able to use my specialist training to guide and treat both adults and children who were extremely anxious for dental treatment and also disabled children or adults.  I have a special license / degree and experience for giving treatments with nitrous oxide. )

Foreign experience:

Different dental camps in mountain villages in Nepal .
I spent several weeks as a volunteer in Jerusalem in a children's clinic and also at a residential center for Ethiopian youth in Moshawa Kineret / Galilee.
Own private practice in Alegrete , Portugal .

Currently practicing at :

Private Holistic Dental Practice ` Dente the Leao ` Castelo de Vide , Portugal . (Friday and Saturday)
Holistic Dental Practice in Vila Nova de Poiares, Portugal  (Tuesday and Wednesday).
Holistic Dental Practice in Gois , Portugal ( Monday).

Dental Surgeon Specialist In :

Holistic dentistry, including guiding trauma / phobias for both children and adults .
Aesthetic Dentistry .(white fillings as well as beautiful crown- and bridgework)
Bio-energetic/ Holistic  Dentistry


Naam: Alexander Anu Kruytbosch   geb: 22-1-1963

Nationality : Dutch
Study : Cultural Anthropology at the University of Amsterdam , Netherlands

Study : CIVAS Homeopathy

Study : CIVAS Orthomolecular supplementation

Further training : University of Porto , Acupuncture for dentistry

Work Experience : self employed in different practices in Homeopathy in Portugal.

Currently working since 2011 : Integrated Homeopathy and acupuncture in holistic dental practices in  Castelo de Vide , Vila Nova de Poiares, Portugal .